Attention, attention!

We have something very important to communicate! 

Do you need sometimes to inform other people nearby about ​​something very important, but have no easy way to do that? Have you found or lost something and you don’t know what to do with that? Do you have a problem that you cannot deal with? However,  there can be someone nearby who would be happy to help You, if only he knew about it?

For all those reasons and many more that only You know about,  we are creating an application designed to broadcast local range messages. Really close – with a range of about 500-2000 meters.We create an application that will allow to exchange information You need, and that’s it. It will not track You personally and all your data and manipulate them in all possible ways. You can stay anonymous if You want and just publish important messages or listen what others want to say in Your area.

Do you want to say something loudly and be relatively anonymous at the same time? We will give You digital megaphone, so that you can announce something, communicate or check what others are saying. And we don’t need to know anything about You, your friends or interests. If You want to publish some information without exposing all Your personal data, You have full rights to do that. We are creating application which allows to do that. 

Lost animal, found keys have a chance to find its owner faster, if there is proper communication channel available.Are you sick at home and there is no one who can buy foods for You?If Your faucet at home has been broken, or your car has run out of fuel and you don’t know how to deal with it? Most probably there are people around You who are happy to help, provided that they are close to You and they know about Your problem.

For all those reasons and many more, we are creating application that allows users to easily communicate to people nearby. And only to those people who potentially could be interested in information You provide.We have ideas for hundreds of uses of this application in everyday life. And You can probably find additional thousands of them, because only You know what is important to You at the moment and would like to urgently tell others about it. 

Not necessarily to everyone, but only to those who are nearby. Not all of your friends need to know that you just got a flat tire and you can’t change the wheel, because someone who is just passing there will help You.

The application is already designed and is in the process of programming phase. The plan is that this application will be available in many countries, although it is now being created here in Poland and it will be the first place where it will be implemented.

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